How to use radiello…

radiello is an accurate, precise and certified instrument (EN 13528: 2002; EN 14662-4.5: 2005) that has no energy consumption, does not involve the use of heavy and bulky pumps, does not require surveillance, produces no noise, is suitable for flammable or explosive environments and can be used anywhere due to its simplicity. The diffusive surface is cylindrical rather than flat, as in traditional axial diffusive samplers, and the adsorbent is contained within a coaxial cylindrical system.

Its use is extremely easy and affordable for everyone.

radiello can be used to assess personal exposure to various pollutants or to measure concentrations in air in fixed locations. In the first case, radiello is simply “worn” by applying it to clothing through a practical clip. In the second case it can be hung from any support (light poles, trestles, fixed structures of buildings, etc.) and, in the case of positions placed in the open air, sheltered from the weather by a special protective box.

Sampling starts extremely simply: the sampler is assembled, exposed to the air (by wearing it or hanging it) and the start date and time are recorded. At the end of the sampling period radiello is withdrawn and the date and time of end of sampling are recorded.

The fundamental material for the execution of a sampling consists of:

  • Support plate complete with clips
  • Diffusive body
  • Adsorbent cartridge
  • Self-adhesive barcode label identifying the sample

Remove the adsorbing cartridge from the tube in which it is packaged and insert it into the diffusive body. Screw the diffusive body onto the support plate.

Sampling begins!

Mark the sampling start date and time on the barcode label and insert it in the special transparent pocket on the support plate.

At the end of the sampling, unscrew the diffusive body from the support plate and place the adsorbent cartridge in the original tube. Remove the label with the bar code from the pocket on the support plate, mark the date and time of the end of the sampling, remove the label and attach it to the tube containing the adsorbing cartridge keeping the bar code according to the length of the test tube so that can easily be read by a barcode reader.

Keep the tubes in the manner described in the technical sheet included in the radiello package until the time of shipment to the analysis laboratory.

Sampling is finished!

The entire procedure is described visually in the video below.