Indoor and outdoor samplings, at home and at work. Easily…


radiello is an accurate, precise and certified instrument (EN 13528: 2002; EN 14662-4.5: 2005) that has no energy consumption, does not involve the use of heavy and bulky pumps, does not require surveillance, produces no noise, is suitable for flammable or explosive environments and can be used anywhere due to its simplicity.

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radiello allows the sampling of a large number of airborne compounds, present both in the gaseous state and as vapours. By choosing an appropriate sampling time, depending on the presumed air concentration levels, it is possible to carry out measurements both at high concentrations (typically in a working environment) and at low concentrations (typically in an urban or indoor environment).

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The versatility of radiello and its ease of use allow to measure the concentration levels of airborne pollutants in the main situations of hygienic-industrial and environmental interest. Radiello, in particular, is suitable for assessing the risk of occupational exposure to chemical agents (industrial hygiene), monitoring urban air quality (environmental hygiene) and studying air quality in environments such as homes and offices (Indoor Air Quality).

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