Occupational exposure assessment to chemical agents.

15 Luglio 2019

In compliance with the provisions of the UNI EN 689 Standard for the assessment of occupational exposure to chemical agents personal samplings have to be privileged; these can be performed using systems placed in the respiratory zone of the operators as they are considered the most representative of the potential inhaled exposure.

At the same time, space-time variations of the environmental concentrations of the chemical agents can be taken into account by way of the contemporary sampling in fixed positions. The optimal duration of personal samplings is between 6 and 8 hours, because it is representative of the work shift and therefore of the potential weighted average exposure over eight hours (TWA) required for a reasonable comparison with Threshold Limit Values – Time Weighted Average (TLV-TWA).

The ease of use of radiello made it possible to perform some hundreds samplings, including personal and environmental ones, in just a few working days, guaranteeing the minimum interference with the company’s production activities and the optimization of economic and temporal resources.