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The raw materials used in the production of the radiello diffusive samplers are subjected to incoming quality checks, to verify their compliance with pre-established requirements.

The finished products, with the exception of those that require simple assembly and packaging operations, are subjected to different types of quality controls for each production lot, which may include... read more

  • the background contamination level (“white”) of the adsorbing cartridges
  • the quantity of substance contained in the preloaded cartridges or in the calibration solutions, supplied as accessories supplied with the samplers
  • the regularity of the morphological characteristics and the integrity of the sampler and accessories components

The introduction of raw materials into the production cycle, as well as the loading of finished products into the shipping warehouse are conditioned by the positive outcome of the respective quality controls, according to predefined acceptance criteria.

From each batch of product cartridges some cartridges are randomly extracted, on which the white level is determined. The check is carried out immediately after the end of the production process; the lot is released for shipment only if the masses of the compounds of interest detected in the cartridges are all lower than the predetermined acceptability values.

These values have been set to at least comply with the requirements of the UNI EN 838 and UNI EN 13528 standards.

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