The material necessary for the execution of a sampling consists of:
• Support plate
• Diffusive body
• Adsorbing cartridge
• Self-adhesive barcode label identifying the sample

most radiello cartridges can only be purchased in packs of 5 or 20 pieces. The following cartridges, instead, are also available in single pieces (plus a cartridge as white) and also include a support plate with clip, vertical adapter, diffusive body and self-adhesive barcode label:
• Codice RAD130S: BTEX/VOCs, CS2 desorption
• Codice RAD141S: 1,3-butadiene e isoprene, thermal desorption
• Codice RAD145S: BTEX/VOCs, thermal desorption
• Codice RAD170S: H2S

adsorbing cartridges for thermal desorption (code 145 for VOC, code 141 for 1,3-butadiene and isoprene, code 147 for phenol, methyl- and dimethylphenol) can be regenerated after the laboratory analysis and can be reused indicatively twenty times. The remaining adsorbing or chemiadsorbing cartridges can be used for a single sampling. The diffusive bodies can be reused several times, at least until they are visibly dirty or damaged, after which it is advisable to replace them. The number of sampling cycles they can be subjected to depends heavily on the characteristics of the environment in which they are exposed, in particular on the level of fine dusts. All other components of radiello are reusable many times, as long as they are not visibly soiled or damaged. It is recommended to wash the support plates, between one use and another, if impregnation type cartridges are used (i.e code 166), to avoid cross contamination due to any residual adsorbent liquid present in the cavity threaded.

Yes. The expiration date is shown on the package together with the production batch code. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the cartridges inside the respective packs respecting the indicated storage methods.

The standard expiration date is indicated on the cartridge case, valid for storage in a refrigerator at 4 ° C (6 months from the date of production). The extended expiration date is also shown on the box label, valid only for storage in freezer at -18 ° C

the shelf life before the analysis is equivalent to the validity period ("shelf life" – see: UNI EN 13528-2) while after the exposure we talk about the “storage” duration of the sample. Both durations must be respected independently of each other.

Yes, radiello does not generate the risk of igniting explosions or flames.

The expiration date and the lot number are reported on all the individual plastic bags inside which the radiello cartridges are packed. If the packaging is damaged, it is sufficient to know the lot number to go back to the expiry date by contacting our customer service

The cartridges must be stored in the manner indicated in a simplified manner on the label displayed outside the boxes containing them (fridge, freezer and / or in the dark) or in the technical sheet that you can download here

Our laboratory is highly qualified in the analysis of radiello cartridges. For a quotation you can contact us by phone at ++ 39 049 806 45 11 or fill out the dynamic form found here

The ready-to-use radiello, available for the main substances that can be determined with radiello, contain a pre-assembled sampler (a cartridge already inserted in the diffusive body, closed with a screw cap, all inserted in a plugged plastic container) which can be used very simply: apply the white adapter to a support plate (to be purchased separately), remove the pre-assembled radiello and apply it to the interlocking plate. The "ready-to-use" radiello, being mounted at the time of production, can adsorb pollutants, with low but significant speed, for as long as the customer has left production to use. This produces an unpredictable increase in white level. Therefore they are recommended only for guidance or semi-quantitative measures. For accurate measurements it is recommended to use standard samplers, which are mounted at the time of sampling.